Welcome to the Interesting Family!

Interesting Content is an end to end digital video and content production agency based in London, we know what consumers find engaging, shareworthy and most importantly Interesting!

Suds Singh


I once climbed Mt Etna - Suds Singh, Founder and director of Interesting Content

Btisam Mailoud

Marketing Manager

I love to research UFO sightings

Usman Omar

Production Manager

I organise triathlons in spectacular places around the world

Kate Konuk

Production Assistant

I have done more than 100 hours of volunteering

Ky Moodie


Most of my work is done under the watchful eye of my Dachshund, Bo

Kirsty Dua

Producer/ Director

Huge dance fan and take up ballet, tap, and street dance classes

Rodrigo Oliveira

CFO (Chief finance officer)

I used to be the Mayor

Mara Oliveira- Kapust

CCO (Chief Creative Officer)

I get my wages in mash potatoes and cuddles!

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