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The Challenge:

When make-up mavericks Wunder2 wanted to create a stir on social media for their Wunderbrow brow gel product, they talked to Interesting Content. They wanted someone to take the lead from start to finish, creating a series of videos that would raise a few eyebrows.

The idea:

We stepped up to the mark and planned the entire video production process, from initial idea to production and distribution. We wanted to make videos that would show the target audience the benefits of Wunderbrow, but in a creative, humorous and shareable way.

We kept a wide range of teams at Wunder2 in the loop from PR, Social Media, Buying and The Founders. Their combined feedback ensured the video would be a commercial and viral success too.

The result:

Our video, which showed a number of humorous scenarios where your eyebrows might take a licking, was an instant hit. It received 130K+ views in the first week and is still a massive favourite on Wunder2’s channel.

Don’t take our word for it though. See for yourself!


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