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The Challenge:

It’s hard to pitch video ideas to a media agency, ‘cos they pitch to their clients for a living. However, we managed it. So when international media planning and buying agency MC&C wanted to create a brand video for a major trade show that not only stood out but had to look super cool, they dropped us a line.

The idea: 

We came up with an idea to showcase their individual team members and the values that have made MC&C successful. It would be fun, creative and would stand above the generic trade show visuals everyone else would have.

The result: 

MC&C loved the video. It had everything they needed, but what’s more, it was really fun to make. In fact, long after the trade show finished, MC&C still use the video to show to clients. They’ve also hung still frames from the video on the wall in their boardroom. Amazing!

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The Video is currently awaiting publication, drop us a line and we will send you the password for a sneak preview!

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