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The challenge:

Fundingoptions is the UK’s leading marketplace for business finance. They are looking for a very specific type of customer. You need to reach them at the right time, in the right way.

Our challenge was to help Fundingoptions build brand recognition, but also put a human face on a subject that is traditionally quite dry. Luckily, that’s Interesting Content’s speciality!

The idea:

We decided to make some explainer videos, spelling out different aspects of Fundingoptions’ business. We were lucky in that Conrad Ford, Fundingoptions’ CEO is quite a charismatic guy. He came across really well on camera, giving the brand the human face and the credibility needed. See for yourself!

The result:

Our videos for Fundingoptions help the company raise awareness and credibility with a large number of new and existing clients. They also helped increase trust in the brand with people who were already using them.

Fundingoptions is well on it’s way to becoming the go-to online resource for SMEs when they’re looking for alternative finance.

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