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The challenge:

Everis are a global technology consultancy based in Spain. When they wanted to use video to recruit new staff, as well as give their company image a bit of a makeover, they came to Interesting Content.

The idea:

Nothing cuts through better than humour, so we suggested we go for the funny bone with our video. We brought in an experienced comedy director and produced a script packed with laughs.

The concept was that life at Everis is so technologically advanced they use iPads to prop up chair legs, swat away drones like flies and use virtual reality headsets to do the vacuuming. The stuff they’re really working on would blow our minds.

We also gave it a twist with a Men In Black ending.

We filmed the video in multiple locations, so we had to co-ordinate different crews to get the best results.

The result:

Our video achieved the results Everis desired. They received a huge number of enquiries, and gave the viewer a sneak peek of what life would be like at Everis. Job done!

The Video is currently awaiting publication, drop us a line and we will send you the password for a sneak preview!

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