The challenge

Cornerstone sells high-quality shaving products for men, through a subscription model. They wanted us to create a series of videos that would appeal to different demographics and convert viewers into customers.

The idea

Using Cornerstone’s customer profiles as a jumping off point, we created 41 variations of engaging video content. Each video was a bespoke concept designed to appeal to a different type of customer

The result

100,000 views within the first 5 days! Fantastic call-to-action and engagement across all metrics,  Targeted customers enjoyed relevant, personalised video content!

Cornerstone receive an amazing uplift in sales CTA’s. They retained our services and kept us on as their go to video production team whenever they want to wow their customer base!


“The video has worked so well for us – helping us add hundreds of new Cornerstone members”- Oliver Bridge Founder Cornerstone. 

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