Looking natural on camera requires a great deal of practice especially if you do not possess the natural talent for it. It can also be quite tough if you’re new to it. Here are a few tips to help you look more natural on-screen.

1) Pretend that the camera is your friend so that it becomes easier for the viewers to relate to you.

2) Be sure to never look off-screen. Looking away from the camera makes it a tad bit difficult for the viewers to focus because it potentially erases the feeling that they’re being talked to. It might feel weird just staring into the camera, just keep at it knowing it looks way much better from the viewers’ perspective.

3) Dressing; Lights have to be put in consideration when choosing what to wear on screen. Steer clear of shiny materials, they tend to reflect light. Be careful of tiny-patterned fabrics too, these cause optical illusions which aren’t very flattering. Stick to strong, plain colours instead.

4) Your body language is key. This is what keeps your viewers engaged, it should be as natural as possible. You could use your hands a little bit to further convey your message.

Finally, the importance of practice cannot be overemphasised. Practice a lot beforehand and you’re good to go!